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Empty Space is Wasted Space!

Here at Sensory Path Ireland, we provide a range of child centred and fun resources. These ensure that our school corridors become active, stimulating spaces which are easily accessible from classrooms. 

Some children may need a break from the conventional work of the classroom. They can find a release of tension and pent up energies in our wide range of movement ideas and activities suitable for all ages and abilities of children.


The Benefits of Having Your Own Sensory Path

Improve Learning

Having a Sensory Path for children to experience allows them to focus on their senses. This has been proven to help improve their learning and memory as it actively builds connections within the brain.

Improves Concentration
Develop Motor Skills, Balance, Hand-Eye Co-Ordination
Help Children Cope With Their Emotions
Play Video

How our Process Works


We design and tailor each of our Sensory Paths to suit your school and particular needs. All designs are designed by us at Sensory Path Ireland.


Once confirmation on a Sensory Path for your chosen area has been decided, we install your new Sensory Path into your designated area.


Watch and enjoy each child as they engage and interact with their new Sensory Path.

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