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Sensory Path Ireland is an Irish, family run business which has developed over the last 5 years and continues to evolve.

Being a Primary School Principal with many years of both education and graphic design lead to its founder identifying the need for child friendly graphics. Our graphics stimulate and direct children through movement breaks and provide safe enjoyable activities using floor and wall space inside and outside the classroom. Having already established a successful commercial graphics business, he saw how he could combine his experience and abilities in both these fields.  We create, manufacture and produce high quality graphics for sensory paths in schools and other child care settings.

The company, Sensory Path Ireland, draws on the combined experience of other family members, all with qualifications and long experience in education. This has ensured an insight into the needs and workings of a wide variety of schools and other educational facilities. This enables us to specifically tailor our products to best benefit each individual project. We consult and work with school staff throughout the process to design and create your Sensory Paths. Each Sensory Path is unique to the needs and demands of the children in their care.

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Each Sensory Path is Customised to Suit your School
Engaged Children Are Happy Children

Sensory Path Ireland provides a stimulating, child friendly and fun choice of bespoke resources. Suitable for children who need a break from the confines of a classroom so they can release excess energies and emotions. Research has shown that movement breaks assist children who need such breaks to relax and refocus.